15 Budget Beauty Tips and Tricks

15 Budget Beauty Tips and Tricks

Hello Y’all,

There comes a time that you are running out of products and you don’t have much money, or you just buy stuff that you really do not need to, either because other people suggested or you are a freaking shopaholic and you want to spend money with every little cute thing you see. Here I have some effortless tips and tricks you can make out of the products got, so you don’t need to go out and spend lots of money.

1. Loose powder on lipstick to last longer – Loose powder is the perfect oil blocker. The same loose powder you use on your face to reduce the shine, you can also use to prevent your lipstick from fading. That is a fun and cheap way to save some bucks on your pocket.

2.Vaseline to remove makeup – Vaseline, as well known as Petroleum Jelly, is used as ingredient in a lot of products we use on daily basis. Why not buy your own and make the best out of it? One of the things I do with it is removing my make up. Instead of waiting the end of the month to buy your favorite high-end makeup remover, you can use vaseline and it will only cost you $3.

3. Lemon to get rid of stains nails – If you don’t know lemon has a propriety that helps removing stains, if used to much it may be a little bit aggressive and irritate your skin, what you want to do is rub lemon on your nails once or twice a week, in 2 weeks you gonna see the results. I tried this, when I have my own nails and the result was unbelievable.

4. Put perfume in the freezer – This one is fun! if you put perfume in the freezer and spray it out and it will last longer on your body. I thought it was a myth until I do it (yep, I had to try). The first two times I did it 2 to 3 people asked me which perfume I was wearing (no lie). The scent becomes more fresh and tends to be more intense and spreads out more. GIVE A TRY!

5. Vaseline with salt for body – I guess today is all about vaseline! I must confess, I am a scrub geek, I’m always looking for scrub methods and I found this one the easiest. All you have to so is mix vaseline with salt then rub it all over your body. It will not take you more than a minute and the result… your body gonna thank you!

6. Vaseline and sugar for your lips to remove flacks – A cheap lip exfoliator that is going to remove all your death skin cells in a blink, your lipstick is going to look prettier on you, I promise.

7. Lipstick as blush – The sweet thing about makeup, is playing with it. Use your lipstick as a blush , use your blush as eyeshadow, use your eyeshadow to contour and so on. You don’t need to have specific things in order to have a complete makeup look. Use what you already have and make the best out of it.

8. Toothpaste on your pimples – This is something since I was kid, use toothpaste on my bruises so it would heal faster. You can try that on your pimples as well, they are going to burn and leave your skin with any mark.

9. Cold shower makes your skin look glowy – Don’t panic if your water-heating system is not working, good news is… The colder the water more glow your skin will have. I know it is difficult to have a bath with cold water, this one is hard for me as well, but at least try on your face. Try washing your face with cold water, and welcome the skin of your dreams!

10. Coconut Oil to moisturizer – After washing your face, use coconut oil to moisturize your skin. Coconut oil is cheaper than any other lotion you can find at local stores, or has almost the same price but will last you ages, and is very effective. Try that everyday before you go to bed.

11. Hair spray on eyebrows – In case you don’t have eyebrows gel, you can spray hairspray onto your dry mascara brush and comb it through your eyebrows.

12. Clean brushes with Gel Shower and Olive Oil – That is the method I use and love it, these are things you have at home, and you won’t need much money to do it. Cheap and affordable.

13. Pour all your products in the hot water – Boil water and pour your make up onto the hot water, all the products you think are finished (your foundation, mascara, lip glosses and others) and let them melt for 5 min. After, you will see how much product will come out.

14. Olive oil for legs – After shaving, you can use olive on your legs to smooth then out.

15. Freeze your eyeliner for 15 minutes – Doing you cat eye, or your winged liner is a hard task, for better application put it on the freezer for 15 min and it is going to be more solid and the application is going to be easier.

P.S. I’ll come up with more beauty tips later, just be patient. The pictures I used, I got from google, are not mine.

Thanks for reading,



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