Eyebrow Routine Tools

Eyebrow Routine Tools


This is a topic that I wanted to cover for so long. Eyebrows Routine is one of most requested topics, I thought I had to divide it by parts, for now we are going to talk only about the tools. This is my first post about brows, but I will have other posts talking about products for different skin tones, different products to fill brows, brows shape and tutorials on how to do it. I’ve come from a long road when it comes to eyebrows, and right now, these are the products that work for me,  these tools are everything that I use to achieve the brows I have on my makeup looks.


  1. NYX Brow Pencil – Shade Dark Brown
  2. NYX Concealer – Shade Tan
  3. Sigma Flat Definer Brush
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hill Dip Brow Pomade
  5. Coastal Scent Angled Brush
  6. Real Techniques Shading Brush

I know that for many it is not necessary all of that, but as I said this is what works for me. We all have different features and our brows are not an exception. For some women a pencil is enough, but in my case, all I do is 1. I start off with the pencil brushing the eyebrows’  hair and draw the shape of the brow 2. then I apply  the pomade with the angled brush only in the areas that I have no hair, in order to have a darker finish 3. take the concealer and define the edges, cleaning around the brow 4. although, the brows are sharpen, I still need to blend the concealer around it, then I use the Real Technique brush.

If you are still trying to figure out how to do the brows just be patient because I’m going to have  a pictorial on this, hope you find this information helpful.





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