How To| Clean Makeup Brushes

How To| Clean Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are the best tools you want to have when it comes to having flawless application. Believe me that is not going to work if you have your brushes dirty. In order to have good makeup, you need your brushes clean and disinfected.

Why should you have clean brushes?

Having your brushes clean will help with the application of the product, the dirtier the brush is, the harder it will be to provide the application that it is supposed to. For example, if you have a brush with dry foundation and you place more foundation onto that brush the application will be so heavy-handed, that it almost painful. Makeup buildup is gross, plus the brush feels scratchy. You will start noticing that it does not work as it did when you first bought, that doesn’t mean you have to buy new brushes or you have poor quality brushes, it just means you have to wash them as soon as possible. Yes, as soon as possible because it does affect your health as well. Your skin can absorb any substance it is exposed to, and if you don’t know there are bacteria on makeup brushes that will penetrate your skin and cause problems such as: acne, blemishes, breakouts, pimples, etc. Despite of dirtiness, the application, and bacteria, other reasons why you have to clean your brushes are that it will remove bad oils, your death skin cells and if you use your brushes on clients you will be transferring germs from people to people.

How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

Once a week is enough, sometimes I extend it to two, but I will use the dirty ones less. Sometimes, I even use them after a couple hours, it depends on my mood. Just keep in mind that the more brushes you have dirty, the longer you will take to wash them.

What do you need?

DSC_10907.jpg DSC_1082

How to wash your brushes?

1. Wear the glove (Glove from SigmaBeauty), add gel shower and water to the glove where says wash, swirl brush. 2. Put some olive oil onto the brush, and keep swirling under running water. Under running water swipe the brush back and forth on the rinse texterure, to remove makeup residue and soap. 3. Add a little bit more of gel shower to the glove on the refine, for more cleaning. 4. sweep brush back and forth for a on the ‘rinse’ for a final rinse. 5. Place brush head on the ‘shape’ section of the glove while squeezing with hand to remove excess water.

How long they need to dry?

About 8 hours. If you wash them at night before you go to bed, they will be dry when you wake up.

How to dry the brushes? 

Leave your brushes either upside down or lying on a towel, do not let them hanging, otherwise it will break the glue. Consequently it will remove its bristles.

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  1. From where i can get these type of gloves? Are they specially made for makeup cleaning? I use hand-soap from the bathroom and do the ‘swirl on the hand’ method. Works fine every time! Also I wash my face with olive oil and would never ever go back to any other ‘cleanser’.
    It works great and is cheap plus you have to buy product which have covering bag in packing. isgiving very good instruction about saving the brushes from damage along with lovely packing.

    1. Hi Jeni,

      This glove is from Sigma Cosmetics, you can find it @ This is the method you wanna use if don’t want put your hands in water, or damage your nails, if you want to get rid of all of the shadows, creams, oils, and foundations without work as much as you do when you swirl on your hand, it is also less time consuming. This method is so efficient that you won’t even need to use the olive oil sometimes, just in case there is a lot of product. Plus, it shapes back your brush to its normal shape. But I use the ‘swirl on the hand’ sometimes, it just depends on how dirty they are. Cleans very well too, and is cheaper.

      Olive oil is great for skin cleanse and also works as moisturizer, I love it. Im in the process of using more natural and organic products on my skin, which I’m actually succeeding, but another great option world be Raw Honey, is amazing.

      Thanks for passing by.

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