The Sweet Side

The Sweet Side

Today I was just eating these macaroons and I decided to come up with a post talking about beauty. I know macaroons have nothing to do with makeup, clothes, cosmetics and things of this nature and that is exactly the point, I want to talk about beauty looking to the other side, the side most people forget, but the most important one – the beauty of life. Maybe you are wondering how macaroons inspired to a post like this. If so, that is simple.

My day started as being a normal one, just like the others, until I put my feet out of the door to have someone to get my measurements. Right on my way home I stopped by a bakery and bought 3 macaroons, when I got here at this desk where I’m exactly writing my day was still like the others. Everything just changed when I had my first bite. When I heard the macaroon cracking in my mouth, I was filled with joy, the day seemed to become different, I became happier, my energy started flowing and… Yes it only seemed it became different because it was really a day just like the others: that I can chose whatever I want to to, I am still open for a lot of opportunities, my strength is the same because I am still here healthy and alive.

What changed is the perception I had towards the day. I put on my mind that eating that macaroon would make me happier, something that in fact did. That means, it just depends on the mood that you set your mind to be, and today I chose to appreciate the beauty of something, simple, cheap yet enjoyable. I strongly believe that this is the outlook we should have in life: appreciation, look into little things and see how good they can become, you choose. Every morning I set my mind to be happier, even though I didn’t start off my day right but there are lots of positive things in life to look at, so I put a smile on my face and decided to be positively influenced rather than negatively.

Some days are absolutely harder than others, other days are much easier but between the difficulty and pleasure your response to it has more impact on you, than the circumstances around. Fill your heart with joy, and let feelings of appreciation, gratitude, love invade your life; looking to the sweet side of it.



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