Monday Routine #3

Monday Routine #3


Hi Y’all,

Welcome to my glowing partyyy! Today I am rocking these three babies on my face. I will call them the “oldie-but-goodies”. I have all of them for more them 2 years, and I just can’t get enough! Today’s combo was a little bit like the last one, shine and glow. Different than the last #MondayRoutine post, here, with these products I could chose which areas of my face I wanted the glow to be at. Since spring has arrived I’m getting more into illuminators, the sunlight hits on my face and my skin looks glowy and dewy.

Nars “Orgasm” Illuminator – As I said I could choose where I wanted the highlight to be, so put a little bit of the illuminator on the high points of my face, after I moisturize my skin. I love this product to death!!! I have it for so long and I am always going back to it on summer. In need of dewyness? When it comes to getting a luminous dewy complexion you have several options, but this is my number one suggestion, it looks amazing on dark complexions.

YSL Rouge Volupte – One of my favorite lipsticks, I am a nude lipsticks junkie and I can’t help it. This color is the 1 Nude Beige, I can match it with any makeup look plus, my obsession for YSL lipsticks is endless, I just want them more more and more. The formula is amazing, silky, creamy, and every easy to apply.

Clinique Dramatically Moisturizer Lotion+ – Correction, I use all of these products for long time, but this one! Actually, this one is new, and Im trying out the sample that a friend gave me. The one I was using before is the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, no complains. This one, let me put in this words- is the bomb!!! I love it love it love it, I have combination skin and lotion seem to figure out my what my skin needs and provide it in a blink. Different than the gel, this one does not let my skin be neither dry or oily, I’ve been using the lotion+ for a week, I adore it!

This was today’s routine, no make up, yet sift and dewy!

Thanks for reading,



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