Skincare | Scrubs and Argan Oil

Skincare | Scrubs and Argan Oil

These are things that truly deserve a place in your beauty routine. If you have been following the blog you must know that I am a scrub lover, I don’t trade scrubs for anything else in the world…Wait, like.. uhm, no! Anything! See little swatches in the pictures below, check its consistency as well.

The argan oil isn’t actually my favorite, but I am eventually always going back to it and it works god on my skin, I just hate using it during the day, so it is mostly part of my night routine. Why I do not use during the day? I am more active during the day, I tend to sweat and bothers me a lot. I’d rather use a light moisturizer during the day, the one I’m currently using is on my previous post.

Victorias Secret Pink “Sea Salt Scrub” – used this scrub a lot when I was in Luanda for christmas vacation, that city is super hot, I was always sweating and needed to scrub more because of the dirtiness that clung to my body. I was screaming about 3 to 4 times a week and my skin was radiant, and still though. I do not use this scrub neither on my face nor on lips, it will burn, I have very sensitive skin and that does not work at all. A good exfoliating scrub for face is in this post right here. This product costed $18, will last for a quite good time, worth having. Unfortunatelly,they are discontinuing it, but hope they come with that again or something even better.

DSC_0742 DSC_0738

True Blue Spa “Hand Scrub” – Even though I use my hands to scrubs my body I still having my hands scrub. I bought it at Bath and Body Works, and I haven’t regret a bit. For those, who are always using their hands, it doesn’t matter what you do (painting, cooking, cleaning, washing cars or massaging) you are going to need this. This is going to smooth out your hands from rough to nice and polished. This 60 seconds Manicure, cost only $12 and will be in your beauty vanity for months. (Scrub with wet hands)

Tree Hut “Shea Sugar Body Scrub” – This is the yummiest scrub i’ve ever tried, whenever I am using it, I have to taste a lil bit (Ups!). The smell is amazing, it scrubs perfectly, leaves your skin without any dust, plus, its grains aren’t too big. Big big big big recommendation! I bought at ultra last mont and I’m using a week from now, everyday. It only costs 7 bucks.

Josie Maran “Argan Oil” – also known as “Liquid Gold” is perfect for any type of skin. After having my face clean, I squeeze to drops of the oil in my hand and put it on my face in dabbing motion. What I like in particular about the package is that it comes with this dropper that is really nice, it gives the perfect amount that you need to apply to your face. So far I think the oil is worth the price it has, but I still haven’t explore all the benefits it gives only like about 30%, only skin benefits.

See in the pictures below some of its benefits:



PS.  Scrubbing and using this only is an aaaawesome combination, my skin changed within two days and Im loving it. Im also using a bit of the oil on my hair because it is breaking on its edges, after results, I will tell you guys how the experience was.

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