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Since I started to blog and makeup freelancing I found out a very common issue among a lot of girls, mostly on girls with bronzed and dark skin tones – buying makeup. Buying makeup is the ultimate struggle for many woman, I wanted to know the reason why of the issue (because I haven’t had much difficulty finding the right products for me), so I started asking some questions, like… What is your brand preference? Do you buy makeup at drugstores? Which type of skin do you have? Lipstick tones? Blush colors? Do you have  a skincare routine? Do you have a set of brushes, from which brand? You know, it makes me curious when I listen to women complaining about not finding the right makeup products for them, makeup does not suit them the way they want, etc etc. The answer I get the most is “I don’t understanding anything about make up”, this is actually a topic that every girl should must but.. you actually don’t need to master makeup you just need to have a few products that work for you, for your type of skin, and make you comfortable with it. I know this is confusing, because there is a bunch of variety, new makeup brands coming out everyday, a lot of makeup MUAs and Gurus on Social Network but this is what tricks us the most, we tend to buy things that we see on the advertisements us, we are dying to have the foundation Michelle Phan uses or the  that light Tiarra Monet’s lipstick, instead of what truly works for us. Some of the girls I spoke with definitely have the wrong products, some of them get too many products and unnecessary stuff, some do not find balance between the products they have, some just don’t knowhow to buy them. So Here, I have 10 tips on how to buy make up.

1. Know what you want – if you just go to Sephora or MAC out of the blue, unaware of what you gonna buy, you probably gonna make the dumbest purchases. I mean, you can get a few goodies but you are also likely to get home and regret for getting something, why? because you didn’t want it, you forced yourself to leave the store with something, so you just got something. If you want to get a blush, and a lipstick, go to the blush row and try all the blushes you think are going to be pretty on your skin until fnd the right one, if it is your first suggest to get a pink. About the lipstick, try a pale, nude tone, check everyshade that might suit you, and thats all you need.

2. Go to a local makeup store – if you never bought makeup, do not buy online. Just in case you want to get eyeshadow Paletts, makeup Brushes, eyelashes, beauty blenders, cleansers or… something you have used before, but going to a local store is going to help you analise from eye the quality of the product, and this is what you basically need if you’re a first timer.

3. Try products before buy them – The good news about going to a big store like sephora, is not only about the variety but actually the fact that you can try EVERY product you want, I mean EVERY, so enjoy it. Try whichever you want, have fun with it and discover which one works best for you.

4. Know your skin type – this question should’ve be asked every time you want to buy your foundation or your face powder, but most of the ladies working on these store neglect it, they go by matching tones instead of oiliness/dryness/combination. As a makeup artist freelance, I must say that skin type is as important as matching your foundation or powder with your skin. Before buying a product you should know if this is going to combine with your skin, if not keep looking until find the right one.

5. Get your essentials – If you know your skin type, definitely you are going to know what you need. Maybe you need concealer, but do not need foundation, or you need both but no need to contour, maybe a beauty blender will do all the work for you and you don’t need as much brushes as other people do, you have to find which products are really important and necessary to your routine, instead of getting whichever is trending now.

6. Find balance between your products – Well, unfortunately, you know, like people some products don’t get along with each other. Ex: This foundation from MAC works for me and this powder from Makeup Forever also blends into my skin perfectly, the things they are both great when they aren’t working together. The foundation is perfect all time of the year, the powder only works on the fall, but it has to be on with a different foundation, otherwise, I am gonna I am going to look like Casper. If you notice the something isn’t working for you SWITCH, go get a different one.

7. Google the product – You heard about this new BB Cream and you wanna try it to badly, but you dont have any samples or is a drugstore product and there is no way you can try it, don’t just buy it right away, do a little research about. This is the time Beauty Blogger, Beauty Gurus and Instagram MUAs are going to be your best friends. Reading about the product, and watching reviews online is going to give you a new perspective if the product is worth buying or nah, try that in case you’re a little skeptical about it.

8. Don’t throw your it away – Everything just runs smoothly when you take your empty bottle to the store and show them what you want. Explaining something can be very hard when there is a multiple choices on the same store. The girl working with you can be very impatient and just “I have no idea what you are talking about, but I have this one right here”, something that can be better or… worse, and you gonna buy it because you don’t know how to explain. So before throwing it away, take it to the store with you.

9. Get a set of makeup brushes – This one kinda goes with the #5, the essentials. I wouldn’t suggest a beginner to buy brush by brush. Now, I do that and I am unafraid of get it wrong but sets of brushes are way better if you want to get the look. Buying one by one turns out to be more expensive, you are going to spend a lot more money if you want to have all those brushes to do the eyes, the face, the lips, and takes more time to get all of them. NOTE: Not every set is going to do the job, I remember buying my first brushes set on amazon 5 years, and it was an awful experience, the quality was really poor, they didn’t last, and it only cost me $15, for 32 brushes. It sounds perfect, 32 brushes for $15 but… You know, not worthy. Recommendations: Sigma Brushes Collections, Sigma Essential Kit,  Real Techniques, Coastal Scents, Zoeva, Sedona Lace, Elf Brushes Set, Morphe Set of 11, Morphe Master Studio Set.

10. Get  skin care products –


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