New In.

New In.

Hi Guys,

These two were my last purchases. Im so glad I bought YSL cosmetics because they are pretty expensive, I don’t purchase products like this out of the blue, I had to wait months to finally have the opportunity to buy them. Super glad to add a new lipstick to my YSL Rouge Volupte collection, and even more glad because I have a brand new product, the touch éclat dupe. First of all, I haven’t used dupes before this is my first time doing it. Why? The ones I tried before (from other brands) seemed to not give the result I wanted to have, but this one did.

DSC_0767 copy DSC_0768 copy

YSL Touche Eclat Dupe – I am girl who thinks high-end beauty products aren’t really necessary if you have other alternatives at drugstores and beauty supplies, but you will find tones of high-end products out there in which its alternatives won’t let you satisfied the same way, and this is one of those. I’ve been testing this my face since last year, and couldn’t wait to buy it. If you are looking for extra highlight underneath your eyes this could be a great option, also apply the product around the mouth, alongside the nose, and near the temples, use it to cover your dark circles, and it will give you a well-rested appearance.

It also looks like a pen, that makes it easier to apply the product to your face, so if you are looking for a 5 minute makeup this could also be the right tool to use. The Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat costs $40, I won’t say that the price is fair because it is still pricy but it is worth having one on your makeup collection. (Shade #7 Luminous Mocha)


YSL Rouge Volupte #6 – Ive been talking so much about the Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks, that I don’t even have more words to describe it. I love this lipsticks line to death, really wish I could have all of them,they are soft, smooth, creamy, high pigmented, and they have this attractive gold packaging. Definitely adding this pink, girly, romantic, vibrant, to my spring/summer lipsticks.

DSC_0774 copy

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Makeup Monday Series #1

Makeup Monday Series #1

Hello Y’all,

Decide to come up with this series, every monday I will show you guys which products I will be using for the makeup I will be rocking that day. Normally I do not wear make up on weekdays, but I guess on mondays I’m worth it, Hah! Do not expect to always see all these products, sometimes it will be more than this other times less, other times just a lotion (YEP), it will depend on what i decide to do with my face, just stay tuned! Have a great week, y’all.

DSC_1039 copy.jpg

  1. Lancome Foundation
  2. MAC Studio Fix NW45
  3. Nars Blush Exibit A
  4. MAC prolongwear concealer NW45
  5. MAC Gold Deposit
  6. NYX Eyeshadow Base
  7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Deep Brow Pomade
  8. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
  9. YSL Lipstick
  10. Beauty Blender
  11. Naked 1 Palet – Urban Decay
  12. Maybelline Mascara Volume Express
  13. Eos Lip balm – Summer Fruit
  14. Elf Studio Powder Brush
  15. Real Techniques Stippling brush
  16. Real Techniques contour brush
  17. Sephora brush
  18. Sigma Brush
  19. Sigma Brush
  20. Sephora blending brush

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Current Cravings

Current Cravings

I know every woman has that little thing they want to buy. It does not manner if is a pair of shoes, a perfume, or a lipstick but everyone has his/hers own current cravings. This are my current cravings right now, and I cannot wait to buy ALL of them.

1. Lorac Pro Palette – I want to try each of this 16 eyeshadows. Mattes and golds are my favorites and this palette would be perfect for me, there are 8 shimmer and 8 matte colors. I’ve seen some reviews about it, and “Sounds great”. The Palette costs $42 and it comes with an eye primer. If you are craving this as I am, you can find at Amazon and at Lorac.

2. Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set – Unfortunately, this set is out of stock right now, and they are going to be available at beginning of April. I do not remember where did I see this brand for the first time but I felt in love with every single product they have at their website, Zoeva . The set costs 58.EUR that is about $80 and they ship to US, yay. For me the price is not, because the quality seems amazing and the packing itself says it all.

3.  YSL Lipstick Rouge Volupte – I have an obsession for Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks, I am trying to build a collections and I am already over my fifth one, can’t wait anymore to have my sixth and the once that I want is this Pinky one, #10 Provocative Pink. I die every time I go to sephora, I try all of them even if I already did it before. The application is so good, because they are creamy and easy to deal with, if you haven’t tried, please have at least one YSL lipstick. Find them at Sephora Online or at your local sephora store, for the record, costs $35.

4. Tory Burch Eau De Perfum – When I first heard that Tory Burch realeased a Perfume line I was like “What? I have to get it“, I am Tory Burch junkie but at the same time I don’t like buying things that I will not use, so first I had to know how does it smell, and then I would go forward. After trying it I was like “Please, can someone offer me this?”. The scent is amazing, I am all over sweet perfumes but this one really got me going. It is fresh, not that sweet but you can feel its sweetness after a minute. The 1oz costs $65 and is avalaible at Sephora.

5. Lorac Pocket Pro Palette – This mini palette only costs $15, fair enough. If I buy it, something that I will probably do, I would carry on my purse in case I want to go from a day to night look, if you are wondering you will find at Lorac.

6. Philosophy Oil Living Grace – This would be my third time buying it, and I am as excited as I was the first time I bought it at Sephora. The price is fair, I guess, it costs $26. It smells good, you will feel your skin so soft, its a product really worth having. Find it at Ulta as well.

7. Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush – I love flat brushes, would love it more if it is kabuki and even more if it is from sigma, can’t want to try it. My top brushes are from sigma and the kabuki brush is just a bestseller that I didn’t have the opportunity to buy it yet. Everyone loves it, and this also my favorite Beauty Guru brush “Jaclyn Hill” top brush. You can find on Amazon or at Sigma Beauty for $21.

8. Stuart Weitzman Nudist Ankle-Strap Sandal – Classy, classy and classy. Dont have more words to describe it. A $385 pair of shoes that will match with most of the things you have at your closet, and you can wear them on different occasions. Find it at Bergdorf Goodman.

Share your cravings, can’t wait to read about yours!

Thanks for passing by,


Current Favorite Products

Current Favorite Products

Hello There,

So, this is my first current favorite products, I couldn’t be more excited to show you what I am currently using the most, why I use these products and just for the record, some are the ones that help me have all these flawless looks. Read below for more information.

IMG_4123  IMG_4132

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade.  I started using it only one week ago, and I have no regrets. Actually, this color isn’t the one for me, this is too dark and I was pretty sure of it when I bought it. This color is the Ebony I think the one that would be perfect according to my skin tone is the Chocolate but they were out of it, so i just decided to go with this one anyway because it covers perfectly my brows flaws, plus, it is waterproof and it does not crease or comes out for any reason. Available Here.

IMG_4136 IMG_4130

2. MAC LIPSTICKS (1.Flat Out Faboulous; 2. Relentlessly Red; 3. Fast Play) I use to say that every single lipstick that fits me, will fit any other skin tone, because I am dark, and girls with dark complexion struggle to find the perfect lipstick… but these here here fit me so well and I think everyone should try it. The first two are matte and the last one, this nude, is amplified. Check them here.

IMG_4128 IMG_4127

3. Coastal Scents Brushes These are AMAZING, it comes on a set of 22 pieces but I am drunk in love with these two. No name on the brushes, sorry. The thiner one I use to smudge the concealer around my brows and the bigger I use to set the loose powder under my eyes. The complete set costs about $30, and the quality is amazing, see the complete set here. 4. MAC Glitter “Holiday Collection” It came on a set as well, set of 5, but it is my favorite. It just shines so bright I cant get over it. Unfortunately, it discontinued but I think you can find on Amazon. Ahhm, this is the glitter that I also used on Back To School Makeup Look.

IMG_4126 IMG_4133

5. MAC BLUSH “Love Thing” This is my second time buying it, I just love love love love love it. Nothing much to say. Highly recommend. Check here. 6. Davidoff CoolWater This colone has been my favorite since forever, I just cant get enough! I use since I am 15 and I stopped using for I while and I am using it back again Since this January and my 50 ml are almost at the end. Fresh, airy, cool it feels like a breeze.

Thanks for passing by,


Valentine’s Day Makeup Look #1

Valentine's Day Makeup Look #1

Hi There,

This is my first makeup look for Valentine’s Day. I would prefer to wear at night, for dinners anything that is not under the daylight because of the smokiness. On my makeup, personally, less is always more, I hate exaggerating on things, and for Valentine’s would be too much wearing too many bold colors. Since the eyes are already “kinda” dramatic, I decided to combine the lips with a nude/neutral color. All that I used on my eyes is from the Urban Decay – Naked 2 Pallet, if you don’t have it you can try with whatever you have on your makeup collection, you can find out there lots of pallets with the same colors. Hope you feel inspired! Check details below:

Mac Foundation SPF 15 and Lancome Teint Idole Ultra
Mac Foundation SPF 15 #10 for contouring
Sleek Contouring Kit in Dark
Mac Pro Long-wear Concealer NW45
Mac Studio Fix Powder NW50
Mac Fever Matte Blush
NYX Loose Powder
Real Techniques Powder Brush (Powder)
Mac 130 (Setting Powder)
Sigma – F15 (Illumination)
Real Techniques Stippling Brush (Foundation)
Sephora Fond de Teint Naturel 111 (Contour)
Beauty Blender (Concealer)

Chopper (Lid)
Blackout (Crease)
Bottycall (Inner V)
Foxy (Brow Bone)
NYX Eyeshadow base
Mac Blacktrack Gel Liner
Eyelashes from Forever 21
ELF Eyeshadow C Brush
Sigma Blending – E45

Mac Matte Velvet Teddy
Jordana Eye Pencil
Lipgloss From Sephora (no name)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (Ebony)
Sigma E15
Sigma P80