The Perfecctionist Makeup Sponge

Beauty Blender Vs The Perfectionist Makeup Sponge

Beauty Blender Vs The Perfectionist Makeup Sponge

If you follow makeup blogs, beauty gurus on youtube or any IG makeup artist I think you’ve heard already about beauty sponges, dupes and beauty blenders. Most of them say how really good they are, that you should have at least one of them, and so one, but what some people don’t how is how different beauty blenders and beauty sponges are. First of all there are many beauty sponges out there, all of them with different shapes and proposes, second, there is also the Beauty Blender that is a makeup sponge applicator, totally different from the other sponges, a sponge that cost $20 but is literally worth the price. Two years ago when I first heard about Beauty Blender, a mini sponge that costs $20 I was like “WOW! Really? Is that really necessary?” Today I absolutely can’t live without one, the Beauty Blender is on top of the list of worthy repurchase products, there is nothing  like a Beauty Blender.

When it cames to these two, the Beauty Blender and the Perfectionist Makeup Sponge, people tend to think they are the same, many times some people buy The Perfectionist Sponge because that is cheaper (cost $13) but in reality they aren’t equal at all, and I will show you why.

Last time I went to sephora I bought The Perfectionist Makeup Sponge, which I could test twice on myself, unfortunately the results wasn’t as good as I was expecting, mainly on blending, so I decided to go back to the beauty blender which I use for over two years. If you check the pictures below I was pressing both of them while there were wet, even though I was pressing as much as I could you can see that the Perfectionist Sponge (The purple one) wasn’t touching itself it is a little bit harder and dense but the Beauty Blender (The pink one) is more soft. After soaking them in water both grow a little bit more, but the Beauty Blender gets bigger because of its sponginess. The Perfectionist Sponge isn’t actually that perfect, I feel like the Beauty Blender bounds more and The Perfectionist is more rough to my face. Consequently, it becomes harder to blend the products and requires more time and work because of the quality of the sponge.

By looking at them looks like they are made off of the same material but they are not. The texture is actually the biggest thing of the difference both. High quality sponges are pricier but they have everything to provide you a flawless makeup application. (Check pictures below)


There are few similarities between the two, most of what a Beauty Blender does the Perfectionist Sponge will do as well, but the result might not be the same, especially when it comes to blend. See what the sponges can do below, and why I prefer the Beauty Blender instead:


Apply Foundation: With the round part of the Beauty Blender push the makeup into your face, just push push push and push and swipe it across you face, the way it was designed won’t  soak as much foundation, so you won’t waste much product.

Cover Dark Circles: If you just want to hide some dark or red circles, you definitely want to use this. It will blend the product evenly, even if you just put a tiny bit of product.

Eliminate Harsh Lines: Blends nice and seamless, After blending it will just look smooth and flawless.

Perfect For No Makeup Makeup: For those who want thin layers of makeup, or a makeup that looks like you are not wearing makeup, I would recommend the beauty blender over a makeup brush.

Blend Concealer: Concealers are obviously lighter than your foundation, when you highlight your under eyes what you want is apply it in a way that you cannot notice where you concealer ends and where the foundation starts, the Beauty Blender will provide you that, just keep pushing and pushing.

No Creasing: Foundation and concealer tends to dry really fast when using the Beauty Blender, so it just stays on your face all day long without creasing or making you look caky.

Apply Loose Powder: While wet or dry (depends on you) you can also apply loose powders and mineral powders with the beauty, using the same Push push motion, .

Flawless Finish: The Beauty Blender overall will put everything into place, better than any face brush, it will cover, blend and spread your makeup evenly.

PS. if you are looking for something less expensive than the beauty blender, you can definitely try The Perfectionist Sponge, or other dupes, although I gave you good reasons to just use the Beauty Blender.  Dupes are not as good as the Beauty Blender is but they aren’t bad I would to the perfectionist a 6.5 out 10 and 10 out 10 for a beauty Blender. (Beauty Blender is an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner)

Thank you so much for reading,