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Random | Cultural Literacy

Random | Cultural Literacy


Hi Y’all,

I know I haven’t been here for more than a month, but from now on I will be more consistent with post, I promise, stay tuned. I still want to make lots of changes on the blog, hope you come to check out how it is going to be. Currently, I am reading this book, which I highly recommend, I heard about it when I was watching a documentary about ‘Tupac Amaru Shakur’. He was known for being an intellectual Rap Artist who loved to search for knowledge and people used to say that he was Ahead of His Time because of his intelligence. One of the books he read, according to his manager Leila Steinberg, was The Dictionary Of Cultural Literacy. This, caught my attention because I love literature. This dictionary covers a lot of topics that will help you enlighten your mind. The cover should’ve just phrase it as What The World Needs to Know instead of referring only to americans (although is written in english), because its content is universal, topics go from The bible to Mythology, Idioms, World Literature, Phylosophy and Religion, Fine Arts, World Politics, World Geography, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Science, Medicine, Health, Technology and more. I am extremely glad with my purchase, this book is from 1993 its first edition is from 1987 but will be needed for future generations, I definitely want my children to read this. As Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is Power” and as Mr. Shakur stated in his own documentary “…knowledge, search for knowledge. It’s an eternal journey.”

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