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Current Cravings

Current Cravings

I know every woman has that little thing they want to buy. It does not manner if is a pair of shoes, a perfume, or a lipstick but everyone has his/hers own current cravings. This are my current cravings right now, and I cannot wait to buy ALL of them.

1. Lorac Pro Palette – I want to try each of this 16 eyeshadows. Mattes and golds are my favorites and this palette would be perfect for me, there are 8 shimmer and 8 matte colors. I’ve seen some reviews about it, and “Sounds great”. The Palette costs $42 and it comes with an eye primer. If you are craving this as I am, you can find at Amazon and at Lorac.

2. Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set – Unfortunately, this set is out of stock right now, and they are going to be available at beginning of April. I do not remember where did I see this brand for the first time but I felt in love with every single product they have at their website, Zoeva . The set costs 58.EUR that is about $80 and they ship to US, yay. For me the price is not, because the quality seems amazing and the packing itself says it all.

3.  YSL Lipstick Rouge Volupte – I have an obsession for Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks, I am trying to build a collections and I am already over my fifth one, can’t wait anymore to have my sixth and the once that I want is this Pinky one, #10 Provocative Pink. I die every time I go to sephora, I try all of them even if I already did it before. The application is so good, because they are creamy and easy to deal with, if you haven’t tried, please have at least one YSL lipstick. Find them at Sephora Online or at your local sephora store, for the record, costs $35.

4. Tory Burch Eau De Perfum – When I first heard that Tory Burch realeased a Perfume line I was like “What? I have to get it“, I am Tory Burch junkie but at the same time I don’t like buying things that I will not use, so first I had to know how does it smell, and then I would go forward. After trying it I was like “Please, can someone offer me this?”. The scent is amazing, I am all over sweet perfumes but this one really got me going. It is fresh, not that sweet but you can feel its sweetness after a minute. The 1oz costs $65 and is avalaible at Sephora.

5. Lorac Pocket Pro Palette – This mini palette only costs $15, fair enough. If I buy it, something that I will probably do, I would carry on my purse in case I want to go from a day to night look, if you are wondering you will find at Lorac.

6. Philosophy Oil Living Grace – This would be my third time buying it, and I am as excited as I was the first time I bought it at Sephora. The price is fair, I guess, it costs $26. It smells good, you will feel your skin so soft, its a product really worth having. Find it at Ulta as well.

7. Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush – I love flat brushes, would love it more if it is kabuki and even more if it is from sigma, can’t want to try it. My top brushes are from sigma and the kabuki brush is just a bestseller that I didn’t have the opportunity to buy it yet. Everyone loves it, and this also my favorite Beauty Guru brush “Jaclyn Hill” top brush. You can find on Amazon or at Sigma Beauty for $21.

8. Stuart Weitzman Nudist Ankle-Strap Sandal – Classy, classy and classy. Dont have more words to describe it. A $385 pair of shoes that will match with most of the things you have at your closet, and you can wear them on different occasions. Find it at Bergdorf Goodman.

Share your cravings, can’t wait to read about yours!

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